The Importance of a Good Logo for Your Business

Rachael, Direct Incorporation Staff

If you’re in the early stages of starting a business, something you might be thinking about is what you’re going to do for arguably the most important part of distinguishing your brand: your logo. While it might not seem like a deal breaker for your business, the quality of your logo can make a huge impact on the success of your company. It’s essential that it be both¬†attractive and unique in order to capture and retain the attention of your customers. Here’s why:

1. Recognition

Your logo is one of the first things your customers and clients will notice about your business. If your logo is something that is easily recognizable, people will remember it and automatically associate it with your company. Think of the Apple logo: the simple apple silhouette is now one of the most-recognized logos in the world. Having unique logo will cause people to immediately recognize and remember your business.

The most recognized logos in the world

2. Professionalism

Having a good logo is essential to establishing the legitimacy of your business. If you have a logo that looks like a third-grader drew it on MS Paint, it’s likely that people will not take your business seriously. Running a business without a logo entirely is also likely to lead to doubts about the legitimacy of your company. In this realm, it’s important to think about the cost of a cheap logo design versus the cost of redesigning a cheap logo. Kind of like a tattoo, it’s worth it to spend the money upfront on a job well done rather than spend more money later in an attempt to fix the original.

What the difference between a good and bad logo can look like

3. Showing your values

A logo is a way for people to quickly understand what your business is all about; the design of it can convey more than you think. Here’s a loose guide to what specific colors tend to signify in logos (hint: if you’re running a massage parlor, it might not be a great idea to have a bright orange and red logo).

-Red tends to signify: action, passion, trust, love, intensity, or aggression
-Blue tends to signify: comfort, faith, confidence, or calm
-Yellow tends to signify: joy, energy, life, or freshness
-Green tends to signify: relaxation, trust, peace, hope, nature, or sustainability
-Purple tends to signify: glamour, power, royalty, romance, or introspection
-Orange tends to signify: enthusiasm, creativity, or determination
-Black tends to signify: bold, seriousness, or luxury

Any pictures associated with your logo are also important to conveying a message: specific symbols are so ingrained in our culture that they can either add immensely to your message or unintentionally convey something else (for example, it wouldn’t make much sense to incorporate hearts into the Harley Davidson logo).

Logos that just aren't the same in a different color

Ensuring that you have a good logo is just one step of many when incorporating your business, but it is not one to be overlooked. Direct Incorporation’s design team can help you out by designing a custom logo for you today! Visit for more information.

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