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5 Signs You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

12-number_1_whiteYou don’t take yourself too seriously

You’re able to laugh at your mistakes instead of viewing them as the end of the world. You know that having failures doesn’t mean you are a failure, and this allows you to keep moving forward.



You’re a self-starter (but you aren’t afraid to ask for help)

Obviously you’re going to need a lot of personal drive to start up a business. But recognizing that you can’t do everything alone (and this includes after the business is started) is smart, not weak.



You’re always open to improvement

You never stop learning, and never want to. Accepting that you can improve and change involves a flexible and open mind—and this will serve you well in addressing the many twists and obstacles you’ll face as an entrepreneur.



You’re okay with being uncomfortable

Being an entrepreneur means you’re willing to break free from the typical nine-to-five lifestyle. You’re not afraid to take risks, and while sometimes you might want to run in the opposite direction, you know that you have to push through instead.



You know when to slow down

In the entrepreneurial world, anything associated with “slow” tends to be scorned. But it’s important to recharge, and this includes everything from sleeping enough to taking care of your mental health. Working relentlessly 24/7 only leads to burnout. It’s important to take care of yourself!


If this list sounds like you, then…what are you waiting for?


Rachael, Direct Incorporation Staff
Rachael, Direct Incorporation Staff

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