Need to Generate Leads For Your Business?

Are you looking to gain more clients? Don’t have the time to set up an AdWords account, learn how to use the program, create ad groups, assign keywords to each ad group, test out different campaigns, target your ads to the right audience, figure out how much you’re willing to bid for each click, figure out your budget for each campaign, check your search terms report, analyze the data, update your campaigns, add extensions to your ads, use conversion tracking and adjust your bids on different ad groups, and continue to monitor and update your account on a daily basis?


Here at Direct Incorporation, we offer a lead generation service for our clients that uses a unique combination of Google AdWords and our own software in order to generate qualified leads for your business. Lead generation services can be very expensive and very time consuming—


but with our service, we’ll ensure that you not only receive more online traffic for your business, but that it also translates to real, accessible leads. You’ll be able to save a ton of time, and a ton of money.  With over 12 years of experience managing AdWords and lead generation, we’ve already taken the time to perfect the system for you—and now we’re ready to make marketing for your business effortless. For more information, call Direct Incorporation today!








Rachael, Direct Incorporation Staff
Rachael, Direct Incorporation Staff

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