Why You Should Start a Business, According to Science



It looks like being an entrepreneur can be pretty good for your overall health. Here are three reasons (backed by research) that you should consider making the move to incorporate your business:

1. You won’t have to wonder “What if…?”

Research shows that people who are nearing the end of their lives are four times more likely to regret not doing things that they wish they had versus doing things that they wish they hadn’t. If we live our lives attempting to take as few risks as possible, we might feel more secure, but we may also have to live with a nagging feeling that we missed out on something. If what’s holding you back from starting a business is the thought, “What if I fail?” and you let that stop you, then you might just look back at the end of your life and wonder, “What if I had succeeded?”

2. You’ll learn something new

Living as an entrepreneur means that you are learning new things on a daily basis. Yes, this means you’ll make mistakes. But most people can agree that learning from our own experiences is the best way to really figure something out. You’ll be challenged in new ways that you might not have guessed, and you’ll build new skills and strengths both in and out of the office. And yes, research shows that continuing to learn throughout your life is another way to increase your mental wellbeing.

3. You’ll wake up and actually want to go to work

Creating a career out of something you are passionate about will make you wake up and be motivated to go to work. Being an entrepreneur means that you can pick something that you truly care about and turn it into your everyday job. Sure, not everything about being an entrepreneur is particularly fun or easy, but working a job you care about brings a sense of purpose into your life. And guess what? Research shows that people who have a sense of purpose not only have a greater sense of wellbeing, but might actually live longer as well. It looks like this entrepreneur thing is pretty promising for a healthy future.

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