Baby boomers fastest growing segment of entrepreneurial growth.

Business Start-UpBy Becky, Public Relations at Direct Incorporation

Although high-profile businesses started by twenty-somethings get a lot of press, boomers make up the fastest growing segment of new business developers in the U.S.

There are several reasons why a seasoned professional would want to attempt a venture in mid-career.

* They’ve been shut out of a business or industry due to economic downturn
* They’re victims of age discrimination
* They’re turning a hobby into a business
* They’ve discovered a new passion and a way to make money doing it

These new entrepreneurs may have the drive and know-how to make it happen, but they may not know exactly what goes into creating a new business from the ground up. This is especially true of people who are entering into a new industry.

New business owners are so involved in making their business go, they don’t have time to dedicate to some of the legal and research issues that are also vital to the success of the business. And not to scare you, but those are the things that you shouldn’t let slide when entering into the world as an entrepreneur.

While technology makes everything faster, it also makes it impossible to keep up with what’s trending in business; the intricacies of incorporating in each state; ensuring the business is protected; how to promote; and the list goes on and on.

Our company’s mission is to make it easier to start a business. If you’re one of those people in start-up mode and need some advice on incorporating your business, visit our website for a complete list of our services.

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