4 questions to ask yourself when naming your business.

By Maryann Lawrence, Startup Rep, Direct Incorporation
Naming your company is one of the most exciting – and challenging – things you can do as a business owner. But no worries, there are some tried and true questions you can ask yourself to aid you in your business naming journey.

4 questions to ask yourself when naming your business:

1. Is it reflective of our services?
Should I use a family name or a trade name?
How will it look written out?
Is it easy to pronounce?
Does it distinguish me from the competition?
What connotations does my proposed name evoke?

2. Is my domain name keyword rich?

3. Is my domain name easy for my customers to email, or can it be abbreviated into a domain name that is easy to email?

4. Does my proposed name exist already? (This one is complicated. Is it available as a corporate name with your state? Even if it is, the company name may still be too similar to another company name or trademark in your state, or somewhere else in the US.)

Once you’ve considered these questions, take care of the legalities by doing a trademark search. Direct Incorporation offers a Free Federal Trademark QuickSearch or a Comprehensive Trademark Search, depending on your needs.

For more tips on naming your business check out this handy resource from Small Business Trends.

If you need help with researching your trademark, or acquiring your corporate name with your state, contact Direct Incorporation.  – Thanks, Maryann.

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